Milflores Investments is a well-established company with 42 years of experience in sourcing and production management especially in the line of Gifts & Premium.

Milflores Investments headquarter office is in Hong Kong & other office branch is in Ningbo.

Milflores is an enthusiastic, skillful and dynamic company with great expertise and experience in sourcing products.  The company has handled innumerable projects and orders, giving customers a range of items supplied from China and other regions in the Far East. The company abides in high ethical standards, outstanding professional qualities and a reliable service to all of its clients.  Many of the clients have been with Milflores for a few decades/years now and keep coming back.

Milflores features professionalism;providing good and efficient customer service from start to finish. With a very experienced and refined quality control department. Milflores aims at representing their clients interest and will do what it takes to ensure success while striving for a smooth China buying experience.

With an established an exhaustive network in China and the Far East and through many years of experience in handling OEM/ODM (orders) in the industry; Milflores has taken care of a variety of projects with a commitment to meeting international quality standards while overcoming the challenges of working with low cost manufacturers in China. Some companies include Coke, Pepsi, Haagen-Dazas, Marlboro, Kodak, Camel and more.

Milflores main products are caps, bags, gift & premium items, stationeries, umbrellas, clocks etc. Milflores team is specifically trained to prioritize communication as a key service factor.  Emails, documentation, reporting, clear information & photographs, are all intended to give the client the full picture and comfort that their business requires.  If you are looking for an item that has not been included in the catalogue booth kindly send the Milflores team the name of the product, preferably with an image and details and Milflores will source it for you.