We supply a wide range of products, sourced and manufactured in China and supervised by our team to ensure the best quality.

We have customers worldwide and in over 50 countries. Our team can speak in many languages catering to the needs of different continents and cultures along with their technical specification and legal codes of conducts.

We source aggressively and comply with regional norm compliances in the EU and USA. We also stick and adhere to strict QA/QC processes in China.

We collaborate with our customers to ensure the process of product development is seen through from start to finish. We start with a concept and develop it into a design, product and then a sale tool/gift and premium item that customers can use as their brand identity. We also have our own exclusive range of designs.

We are your eyes, ears and mouth when developing the product from sourcing, purchasing, QA/QC and adhering to specific norms   We have a tailor made solution to all your purchasing.

You may check online for our range of products and send us an email or visit or showroom for a hands on product selection. We will handle all enquires within 24 to 72 hours. Our prices are competitive and we strive to provide quality and commitment from our various factories.